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About The Products We Use


We have a collection of different high quality brands that we have hand selected within our makeup kits, depending on their lasting ability, colour intensity and how they feel when being worn on the skin.

Each skin type and complexion can require different purposes from the makeup product and therefore it is ideal to be able to cater for different skin types, ages & skin pigmentation. The brands we have chosen to use allow us to do this with ease.

Wishbone & Comb use the following brands (listed in no particular order) :

Bobbi Brown, Kat Von D, Laura Mercier, Mac, Urban Decay, Bourjois, OCC cosmetics, Inglot, Nars, Morphe, Prima Lashes, Nude by nature, Illamasqua, Revlon, Charlotte Tilbury 




Myself and the team strive to practice and maintain safe and hygienic working conditions when it comes to keeping our makeup and hairdressing kits sanitised.

All makeup brushes/hair brushes are sanitised using Mundo Power Plus instrument & tool disinfectant by following the manufactures guidelines prior to treatments commencing.

Hands are cleaned & alcohol based hand sanitisers are used.

Clean brushes are used on every client. Used brushes are stored separately away from cleaned brushes.

Disposable mascara wands are used, ensuring to not double dip wands back into products.

Spatulas are used to decant products onto plastic pallets to avoid cross contamination.

sanitation standards 3.png

Updated Santisation Standards March 17th 2020 



Brands & Sanitisation


 “I believe that the Secret to great makeup that lasts from morning to night is in the application, the technique and indeed the products that you are applying.   
- Laura Glanville Founder and
Head Hair & Makeup Specialist
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