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Terms Of Use​​​​​​​​​​​​

Appointments & Cancellation Policy.

Weddings and Group Bookings

Minimum Booking requirement

When booking in advance of 6 months there is a minimum booking of 4 people or more per artist for a weekend booking. (including Fridays & bank holidays.)


A 30% non-refundable deposit is required to be paid within 3 days of receiving your invoice, this then secures your booking time and date. You will receive confirmation of any money paid from deposits. An invoice will then be sent to you with the remaining balance, which is to be paid seven days prior to the date of the booking.

Changes to the group party

If the numbers of the bridal party are decreased 6 weeks before the wedding date, Wishbone & Comb will charge the original price to cover the loss of other bridal parties turned away for the same date.

Rescheduled Wedding Date due to Covid_19

If your wedding date is cancelled, due to the COVID-19 virus, we will be able to reschedule your booking and give you priority over available future dates, without additional charges. If you need to cancel due to the Covid-19, deposits are non-refundable.

Final Payment

The remaining balance is to be paid in full up to 7 days prior to your wedding date.


Travel Cost 

A travel fee of 0.45p per mile applies after the first 5 miles from the artists home address. This is calculated as a round trip journey, from the starting point of the artists home address to the location where the artist will be travelling to. Travel fee's also applies to trial bookings.

Travel To Location

It is your responsibility that you provide us with the correct location/address and any further information that would be of assistance. The therapist cannot be made accountable for false information or wrong details given. 


Please be at your provided venue/home address/work address at the time of your scheduled appointment to avoid disappointments such as delays or cancellations due to late arrivals. In such cases the therapist reserves the right to shorten a booking time or cancel a treatment. 





If an artist becomes unavailable due to sickness we will find another artist as a replacement.

Contact Details

To maintain the loyalty of the clientele at Wishbone & Comb the personal contact details are not provided of the artists from the team.


With large bookings Laura will organise a timings schedule please ensure your bridal party is ready to start at the allocated time.

Consultation Form & Allergies

It is your responsibility to ensure that the information provided on the consultation is accurate and up to date. Please share with the therapist any allergy, Medication, Illness, Injury, or Condition that may or may not prevent you in having the treatment done. All Information is kept on record a year from your last visit. Information will not be shared or made public and is for the purpose so as not to put yourself or the therapist at risk.

Allergies & Precautions

If you do suffer from an allergy please contact us and we will do our utmost to check the manufacturer’s guidelines of ingredients for you and advise whether an alternative product/ treatment may be available for you instead.

Patch Tests for Eyelash Tinting & Eyebrow Tinting & Eyelash Extensions is compulsory up to 24 hour Prior to appointment.




We do not offer refunds for any completed services. Wishbone & Comb is committed to your booking date and time, therefore we do not offer refunds once deposits are made, for change of mind or cancellations. However, if you are in any way dissatisfied with any aspect of your experience, please contact us. We will try our utmost to resolve any problems.


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